Meet The Maker




My name is Jo and welcome to in various states.  

I have been creating textile  pieces,  here  in  Hobart,  Tasmania  since  2015.  My work  divides  itself  into  3  segments  of  HOMEWARE,  WEAR  and  ART. I am interested  in  the  Japanese  aesthetic of beauty combined with utility.  Statement pieces that have a  practical  or  multiple  use.    I print almost exclusively onto linen  as  I  have  an  affinity  with  the  tactile  nature  of  this  gorgeous  fabric.  I  also  use  some  Shibori  techniques  in  the  hand  dyeing  of  some  of  the  fabrics either before printing or sometimes just left, for the patterns to stand alone. Whether it  is  a  crisp  white, earthy  oatmeal or flax,  the  indigo  blue  colour  sits  beautifully  on  the  linen and occasionally  cotton.  I only use  natural fabrics and the inks and  dyes  are  water  based  and or  nontoxic, which is important to me as a maker and consumer. My artworks are currently a collection of Lino Prints on paper with plans to create some new pieces in 2019.

All of this studio based work takes place under the direct supervision of Jess the border collie and studio dog!

 When I am not actively pursuing my own creativity, I am teaching art. I am very passionate about teaching and feel very privileged to do so, as I  believe  everybody  has  a  creative  bone  somewhere in  his  or  her  body. I happily pursue  my  ‘nanna’  loves  of  knitting,  reading  and  cooking whenever I have time or make time. Thank you for making time and reading about in various states. For making it to the end, here is a cute picture of Jess, studio dog extraordinaire!